I am also an immigrant!

When I arrived the U.S.A apart from having to deal with the pain of leaving my land , my family and my life, I experienced a very uncomfortable sensation that surely a lot of people can relate to, I felt lost. The plans I had in mind had become just a thought, it was nothing like I imagined , all the cares I have to worry about, the english that I knew was not enough, the employment was not easy too, I felt powerless, confused and I had a whole family I had to take care of. After spending a lot of money and time on courses services and unnecessary credits because of non trustable information, but I did it.

Once I stabilized my situation and with a lot of experience I started to understand the Hispanics community in the United States of America need to connect itself to be able to understand the system in the USA, they need a friendly hand to help then when they arrive to this country, so I made the firm decision to create CONEXIÓN LATINA to protect all the immigrants who are like me. They need confidence, someone to back them up, information that is good and opportunity’s and good recommendations.

We will give you a welcome to this project and a welcome to this big family!

Conexión Latina is a digital platform that has qualified and certified providers of products and services. It is designed to help the Latino community in different challenges that arise as they arrive in the United States. Providing the user reliability, service and transparency, through the certification seal as a Latin Ambassador


We are an organization positioned and recognized in providing reliability in the purchase of products and/or services for the Latino community within and outside the United States. With the objective of becoming leaders in the market for reliable digital information.


We are an organization committed to provide our users with reliable and certified information, according to their specific needs, ethical principles and company operations.


Our service providers go through a detailed process of reviews and certification, in order to guarantee they will comply with warranty policies and fulfillments to our users. The cost advertised on the page must be the same as the one advertised in their business. All advertisements must uphold ethical practices.
Being part of Conexión Latina gives you access to training sessions and training programs, counseling, and certification in various procedures. Additionally, you will be connected to the widest network of businesses in Georgia!
Our goal is that both, service providers and users win. Based on this principle we connect you with all the professionals that will help you negotiate in a reliable way.
Our affiliate service providers must have a minimum of one year in business. By doing so, we protect both our users and service providers from bad practices to avoid being victims of fraud. The performance of each service provider is constantly reviewed according to feedback.
Complying with the certification guarantee of being part of Conexión Latina
Provided prices, products, and services in the stipulated time, providing a correct performance in customer service. Licenses, professional certification, insurance of each company are revised to obtain a professional credentials.
At Conexión Latina we are partners with large organizations that support us and help us in different processes so that our users and our affiliated service providers feel that they are part of a reliable network of professionals at the service of the community.
At Conexión Latina we respect our affiliated service providers and our users in the same way we demand that our privacy, free competition, and guarantee policies are respected.