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You must to Honestly fulfilling the responsibilities with the client and the compliance policy, the Latin ambassador must respond to the claims of friends or users of Conexion Latina in the first 5 business days of having been made. This will be the biggest indicator for the qualification score of the Latin ambassador. If this requirement is not fulfilled the fifth time the provider fails, it will be eject from the Latin connection.

In accordance with the above, the Latin Connection Ambassador must comply with the following requirements.

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Intensive training of good customer service best practices for Latin Embassador.

It takes a lifetime to build a good reputation, and only minutes to destroy it.

Possibly without knowing, this famous quote represents the utmost importance of a customer service for a brand.

The reputation depends on the product/ service offered and the context around the purchase. The satisfaction of the buyers is the best indicator for a brand and a company to run smoothly so that your buyers are satisfied with what you offer, it is essential to have excellent customer service, with this we do not only refer to the level of kindness, on the contrary, commercial operations or types of deals with other companies that you perform they can affect your results and also the way your business is perceived in the public opinion “Around 60% of companies and organizations consider customer service as a priority for their business” Conexión Latina knows the importance of customer service; We are aware that through this we can have a satisfied customer and that this is reflected in sales and reputation.

What is customer service?

Customer service is the set of strategies that a company designs to meet, better than its competitors, the needs and expectations of its external customers - Humberto Serna Gómez

We emphasize the importance of customer service because this encompasses everything, from the way customers are greeted to the amount of parking spaces available; from handling complaints that will undoubtedly be received until you have a backup of the products or services. Here a series of questions that must be constantly raised in the customer service area of a brand or company:

Why so much importance?

Nowadays, we are competing hard for the clients' money and their loyalty. An owner of a company or brand is probably investing in advertising to bring consumers to the doors of their establishment, without thinking about what happens in the process between the door and the final purchase. Therefore, we lose sight of the most important part.

I already sold one thing, why not two, how do I become part of their home?

You should always keep in mind that it will cost more to attract new customers than to care for those you already have.

How do I acquire good customer service?

When the good service is named, you should start talking about attitude, a consumer should not know for any reason that you had a bad day and much less should be reflected in the way he is served.

Good service works from top to bottom and from bottom to top. At Conexión Latina we invite you to treat your employees in the same way that your final consumers should be treated, with the best human quality, because your attitude is what ultimately represents who your company is.

This is just one way how satisfaction can be guaranteed and also to repeat the purchase or provision of the service of a business or company.

Parameters for good customer service, of a Latin Ambassador:

Develop clear policies

These policies include: how many people are attending during the days that there is more flow in your company, how generous is your return or exchange policy, the way in which furious and / or satisfied customers are handled, how quickly You answer the phone or agility to solve some questions by email. Placing yourself in the place of your client and brainstorming each of the possible scenarios is ideal.

Involve your employees in the process

By doing it, with their help, get new ideas and generate a sense of belonging in them.

Hire the right professionals to attend this area

When it is time to conduct the interview with the candidates, a fundamental question is whether they know the importance of customer service and what it means for them to provide a quality service, the answer received will depend on whether or not the hiring of this candidate is appropriate at the time to attend the customer service area.

Provide customer service training

Train your employees in customer service policies and standards, here are some ideas that might work:

The method of "sales and customer service clinics" in which you propose scenarios that could occur during a day with clients and ask them; how they would respond or react to each of these situations.

The role play works very well. You must make an employee to act as the client and another to act as the employee, through games and always giving the proper feedback you can educate both employees and yourself.

Conduct surveys with your customers and follow up timely

Another way to measure service levels is to invite customers to perform a simple and honest assessment of the type of service that you and your employees are providing. In this way, customers will know that your company cares about the importance of customer service.

These types of activities should be carried out through focus groups, surveys or by creating a dialog and comments online or at the store specifically.

It is also recommended to ask employees to keep you abreast of the most common praise and complaints they receive and to strive to improve day by day without forgetting that employees can also be rewarded for their quality levels.

It focuses especially on the importance of customer service

Customer service creates trust and that is why in Conexión Latina one of the most important pillars is the trust generated by its brand with the community.

Currently, users only remain loyal to a company or business if they have a good reason to do so. If this does not happen, there is much competition available to which they could move.

The moment the consumer sees you worried about customer service, he increases his confidence and that could be the difference between the loyalty of a consumer and a client who leaves.

Responds personally to the positive or negative comments that may arise.

One of the best things you can do as an entrepreneur is to deal with feedback of negative value.

Dealing with complaints is not easy but you should understand that responding to these comments or complaints in a positive way is vital for your business and for consumers to notice that you care about them and that you offer a sincere apology to those people who are disappointed or dissatisfied with your service or product just show that it will improve.

The customer is always right.


Problems will always arise in any type of business, no matter how much you try to avoid them.

Since it is not possible to run a perfect business and not have each and every client completely satisfied, but if you can make sure that the friction that can exist in any of the scenarios does not become a problem.

If customers are convinced that they can express their opinions and complaints and that those details will be handled correctly, they will feel much more comfortable doing business with you.

Customer knows that good customer service matters more than price.

A great variety of studies and surveys have been carried out, in each of them they have found that the vast majority of consumers value the price less than the customer service.

This means that for them to get a better experience they are willing to have to pay more money.

Maintains the reputation of its brand.

There is something essential for companies of any nature, maintaining the reputation / image of your brand, ethics, values, history and how vital customer service is for you, will help you generate more potential customers and at the same time keep your existing customers.

Solve problems in a timely manner.

Every company, brand or business has something valuable that it can offer its customers: the solution to a type of need and / or problem. The main purpose of the departments or teams of customer service, is to ensure that their buyers are sufficiently informed about a product or service and that they have no problem in its use or application.

If you are an entrepreneur or marketer, you must understand that the importance of customer service is essential to achieve success in your company or brand. By doing so, it guarantees the loyalty of its users and improves its image continuously.

We invite you to solve this short questionnaire by answering true or false, this is the method in which we guarantee that you are well informed about what it requires and implies being a Latin Ambassador.

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The term of this Agreement shall be 12 months from the Effective Date, unless terminated earlier pursuant to the
provisions of this Agreement. The Launch Date shall be the date when the companie, Membership is paid. Thereafter, the term will automatically renew for successive one (1) year terms without notice unless either party cancels membership in writing with 30 days’ notice in advance.

  1. Termination for Cause. If either Party materially defaults in the performance of any provision of this Agreement, and such default is not cured within 5 days after the non-defaulting Party gives the defaulting Party written notice of such default, then the non-defaulting Party shall be entitled to terminate the Agreement immediately upon written notice of termination to the defaulting Party.
  2. Termination for Convenience. Either party may not terminate this Agreement for any reason at any time after the initial Membership is paid. If the company desires to terminate this Agreement, it can be done in writing with no refund payments.
  3. Effect of Termination. Termination shall not relieve either Party of any obligations incurred prior to the termination. Upon termination, Conexion Latina agrees to (i) cease all promotions of x company; (ii) cease all use of the company´s technology and Marks; and (iii) cease making the company.

Services available in or through a website or otherwise, and upon request, to promptly destroy or return all  copies (electronic or written) of the content, technology, and any other confidential or proprietary information in  Conexion Latina possession or control. Without limiting the foregoing in any way, the Parties agree that following termination, each Party may continue to make their products/services available directly to users  subscribing to the product/service prior to termination, without any liability or obligation to the other Party. *


Benefits for Providers Be part of Georgia's most reliable provider network.

About us Conexion Latina is a digital information platform that has suppliers of products and services certified by Conexion Latina, is designed to help the Latino community in the different challenges that arise when they arrive in the United States. Providing the user with reliability, service and transparency in the information, through the certification seal as a Latin ambassador.

Services In the digital platform of Conexion Latina you will find educational resources and information of professionals with the best and most reliable products and services; Certificates with the Conexion Latina’s seal. These providers have been selected in compliance with the 6 requirements (see the attached) thus guaranteeing the immigrant the possibility of joining the American system in an easy, fast, and reliable way!

In each profile of each Provider there will be a button that says “Connect with This Provider.” By clicking on this button, an user friendly form will open, which will be sent to the Provider and to Conexion Latina.

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By connecting to the indicated provider, the user agrees to the following:

“I agree to receive information from this Provider and have a representative contact me by phone or email provided. I would also like to receive emails from Conexion Latina”




All our suppliers go through a detailed review and certification process, to guarantee users that they comply with guarantee and compliance policies. The cost announced on the page must be the same with which it is advertised, therefore, it must handle ethical practices in all published advertisements.


Being part of Conexion Latina gives you access to training, advice and certification sections in each of the processes. Additionally, you will be connected to the broadest network of merchants in Georgia!


Our goal is that both suppliers and users a win-win situation, based on this principle we connect you with all the professionals who will help you negotiate in a reliable way.


Our affiliated suppliers must have a minimum of two years of experience, in this way we protect both users and suppliers from bad practices, or be victims of fraud. The performance of each supplier is constantly reviewed according to the monitoring carried out with the users.

Correct Warranty

Complying with the certification guarantee of being part of Conexion Latina.


Deliver prices, products and services in the stipulated time, providing a correct performance in your customer service. Licenses, professional certification, insurance and / or bonds are reviewed each company is reviewed to obtain the professional credential.


Conexion Latina are allies of large organizations that support us and help us in different processes so that both our users and our affiliated providers feel they are part of a reliable network of professionals at the service of the community.


In Conexion Latina we respect our affiliates and our users in the same way we demand that our privacy, free competition, and guarantee policies be respected.

Responsibilities of the Latin Ambassador

Honestly fulfilling the responsibilities with the client and the compliance policy, the Latin Ambassador must respond to the user’s claims and/or request of service within the next 5 business days of having made such a claim. This will be the biggest indicator for the qualification

score of the Latin ambassador. If there is no answer by the Latin ambassador within 5 business days, it will be expelled from the Conexion Latina platform.

6 Requirements to be qualified as a Latin Ambassador

  1. Legally constituted company (in. The certificate of the secretary of state; and, if applicable, the operating permit).
  2. Website and customer service department in Spanish.
  3. At least 2 years of experience in the market.
  4. If it involves services with children, a background check should be required and be paid by the Latin ambassador.
  5. Take a seminar of good ethical practices online provided by Latin Connection.
    The seminar information is found within the platform in the certification button.
  6. Make the payment of the annual membership selected as Latino Ambassador and print your physical certificate. This annual membership as a pioneer of Latin Connection includes:

Option #1

Strategic online advertising on virtual platform and social networks this includes :

Cost: $497 Annual

Option #2

Strategic online advertising on virtual platform and social networks this includes:

Cost: $2,948 Annual